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In the past 25 years we continuously developed and expanded our  wide spectrum of financial products. Driven by our limitless ambition and strive for excellence we created many successful products that help businesses worldwide.

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Mobile and desktop application that allows clients of management companies and investment intermediaries to monitor their investments in real time, with the ability to add a module for submitting orders for subscription and redemption of units, a module for statistical and financial information. An innovative module for providing personalized investment advice in the form of a robo-advisor is a feature that sets the product apart from competing products on the market.

Comans Broker

System for full automation of the specific activity of investment intermediaries, providing connectivity with XETRA T7 and Bloomberg, communication with trading venues, securities depositories and various external systems. Currently, the product has over 30 installations in the leading brokerage houses and banks in the country.

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Web-based front office module of COMANS BROKER. Allows simultaneous operation in hundreds of branches with functionality such as the standard Windows-module Comans Broker for front office.

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Comans Web Client

Comans Fund

A system for automation of the specific activity of asset management companies, offering solutions for portfolio management and distribution of mutual funds. Currently, the product is installed in over 50% of the operating asset management companies in Bulgaria.

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Internet-based system serving the distribution of units of Bulgarian and foreign mutual funds, automating the processes in large networks of points of sale, such as bank branches.

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Comans Web Front

Comans Custody

System for automation of the entire activity of the custodian banks, providing SWIFT communication with depository institutions and other custodian banks, risk module for control of the investment policies and the fund's net asset values, automated servicing of the corporate actions, etc. The product is used by more than half of the custodian banks in the country.

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Web-based system for registration, processing of transactions from parallel systems, accounting, monitoring and reporting of all customer and interbank foreign exchange transactions concluded in the branches of the bank, the "Customer Sales" and "Trading" Departments in the "Liquidity and Financial Markets" Directorate of commercial banks. The application provides real-time information on the bank's currency positions.

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Comans FX

Comans TPS

Interface module for real-time communication via FIX protocol with various regulated markets and platforms for trading in financial instruments.

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Web-based system for linking currency and money market transactions with outgoing and incoming SWIFT messages.

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Comans MTMatching

Comans WEB Trading Platform

Application - mobile and desktop based, for authorized and secure real-time access to the trading system of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD. The platform is specially designed to be used also by clients who do not have the license for COMANS BROKER, for the processing of concluded transactions. It supports client's portfolio, calendar and news. In addition, the system can process customer orders for execution in foreign markets.

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Information system for ensuring automatic reporting of transactions according to Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 (MIFIR) of the European Commission & Council.

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MiFIR Reporting Tool

Cash Manager

Cash monitoring system capable of processing requests for delivery and release of money (money bags) in hundreds of bank offices and ATMs.

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Bank system - register of loan collaterals, their validation, subsequent revaluation and accounting.

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(Collateral Valuation System)

We integrate the best technologies for your business

Based on our long experience, we can claim that we have the expertise to offer the best and most appropriate technologies for your business.

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